Dermalogica Digital Detox Facial 

The perfect customized treatment for all skin types: include a combination of professional deep cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions  a customized toner, relaxing aromatherapy massage, masque, and moisturizer.  

60 minutes: $95

90 minutes: $145

New! Nano Facial with BT-titan MN from Bio-Therapeutic

Microexfoliation is an exceptionally effective advanced new service that leaves skin bright, smooth and glowing with improved overall texture.                   

60 minutes: $175

Red Carpet Facial 

Microexfoliation BT-titan MN + Powdered Oxygen O2SkinPro-tm + LED therapy.

Radiant results with this microexfoliation BT-titan MN allows for a highly controlled and precise skin service that is adapted to your exact needs and comfort. Unlike more invasive procedures, this quick application not only delivers marked results but is suitable for most skin types and tones. With no down time, BT-titan MN services are a great option for those with a busy lifestyle and schedule. Indulge in beautiful, luminous skin with the BT-titan MN.

 O2SkinPro-tm helps to promote healing and regeneration.

90 minutes: $225 

New! "EMP" Lift and Glow Ultrasonic Facial &

Eye Treatment

An Ultrasonic Facial is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is safe for all skin types and conditions. This treatment has zero downtime and leaves the skin glowing result. This promotes cellular renewal, plump up and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, relieve puffy eyes, and fade dark eye circle. 

60 minutes: $175 

Oxygen Facial 

This facial will revitalize your appearance by deeply infusing oxygen along with a custom blended serum. The oxygen treatment helps to kill bacteria, add antioxidants, amino peptides, and repair free radical damage. This treatment is amazingly effective for acne, anti-aging, sensitive/rosacea, extremely dehydrated skin.  

60 minutes: $175 

Bio-Brasion Trinity Wet/Dry Microdermabrasion

Instantly achieve visible skin improvement with wet/dry microdermabrasion, one of the most popular professional skin services available today. Featuring a 3 pass targeted approach that provides complete comfort and beautiful healthy looking skin after just one service. Deep clean blocked pores for clearer less breakout prone skin. improve skin smoothness, tone and texture by removing dead dulling surface cells and debris. Softens and smooth lines. Boost the skin's to absorb key product ingredients, allowing them to help renew, firm, and rebalance. Increase skin hydration for the ultimate skin healthy glow .   

60 min - $200

Crystal/Diamond Microdermabrasion 

Is a minimally invasive abrasive skin resurfacing procedure to revitalize and clear the complexion. With an aluminum oxide or diamond tipped wand. Consultation required before your treatment. Series of 6 treatments recommended. 

60 min -$200 

Deep Pore Facial 

Detox Dermalogica Regular Facial with Extra time  for extractions and customized mask to minimize pore size. Recommended monthly maintenance for optimal result 

60 min -$155

Woman with Face Cream

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